Three Little Words
By Amy Novesky
Illustrated by Grace Lee

Dory the perpetually optimistic and hopeful little blue fish is on the journey of a lifetime.
She must cross the ocean to find her family.

HOORAY! It’s a big day!
You’re off to sea!
You’re on your way!
Wherever you go whatever you do,
don’t forget these three little words…
just keep swimming!
Just keep swimming!
Just keep swimming!

That is just what Dory does when she finds herself alone or at a crossroads.

When she is not sure what to do she just keeps swimming.

Dory makes friends and hitches a ride and if she finds herself alone again she remembers…
don’t give up!
don’t give up!
don’t give up!

She will soon discover dreams do come true.

Award winning illustrator Grace Lee is a storybook artist for Disney and received the Children’s Choice Book Award for Illustrator of the year in 2014.

Every page is beautifully rendered with dreamy watercolors and captivating characters.

Three Little Words is a great story of determination and perseverance for all of us. So no matter what life throws your way, JUST KEEP SWIMMING!


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